About IDR

Institutional Data and Research (IDR) is the website home for official University of Minnesota data and informative analysis.

The IDR website hosts reports and dashboards, policy analyses, and data governance information published by various groups within the University’s Office of Institutional Analysis:

University Data and Institutional Reporting (UDIR)
UDIR collects and analyzes data and publishes reports to provide information for institutional planning, policy formation, and decision-making. Among UDIR's primary responsibilities are ensuring the integrity of the data it provides to University decision-makers, governmental agencies, and other internal and external constituencies.

Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR)
EDMR helps University faculty and staff get the full value from the University’s data, reporting, and information assets through data governance, technology and platform standards, and community support and education.

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium
The University of Minnesota serves as the administrative home for the SERU Consortium, a community of research-intensive universities that collaborate to administer student surveys and share benchmarking data to support institutional self-improvement.