Student Achievement at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

The University’s institutional accreditor, The Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) policy on public information provides that student achievement data including: retention rates, completion rates, licensure exam pass rates (where pertinent), data collected about students after graduation (e.g. employment, graduate school, etc.) and other information appropriate for the mission of the institution and its goals for students be made available to the public. 

Much of this information is publicly available in multiple public locations online at the program and college level at the University. This page serves as a summary site to provide ease of navigation to student achievement information at the University.  Other accreditation-related information can be found on the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost website.

Retention and Graduation rates

Select “Twin Cities” from the Entry campus filter.  Choose the appropriate retention or graduation rate (e.g., “1yr retention rate”, “4yr graduation rate”, etc) from the Metrics filter.

Degrees and Certificates awarded

Select “Twin Cities” from the Campus filter.  Detailed program-level degree/certificate counts can be found in the Data table tab of the report using the Major filter.

Post Graduation Survey (in progress)

Select “Twin Cities” from the Campus filter.  At the time of writing, this report and its underlying data are in active development.  The report does not include information from every Twin Cities college.  A new version (which addresses these issues) is planned for release August/September 2022. 

Post Collegiate Outcomes

Select “UMN Twin Cities” from the UMN Campus filter.

Licensure Exam pass rates