Progress Card

The University of Minnesota Progress Card is a set of institutional metrics designed to be an at-a-glance roadmap of progress in key areas of importance to the institution, the state, and the broader community. The Progress Card is intentionally limited in nature to provide focus on strategic but measurable goals for the institution. The Progress Card is aligned with operational metrics and strategic plans at the campus and system levels.

University of Minnesota Progress Card, 2022 [PDF]

University of Minnesota Progress Card Definitions, 2022 [PDF]


The Progress Card measures first came before the Board of Regents in a May 2015 work session, which yielded a draft that was further discussed at the July 2015 Board of Regents Annual Retreat and reviewed at the September 2015 Board of Regents meeting. The Progress Card was approved at the October 2015 Board meeting with the provision of additional measures approved in the February 2016 Academic and Student Affairs Committee meeting. 

The first full update of Progress Card data was discussed at the July 2016 Board of Regents meeting. The Progress Card has also been updated midyear with available data for the Accountability Report in December and in full for July meetings of the Board of Regents. 

In 2020, as part of the final phase of the Systemwide Strategic Planning Process, the Progress Card was revised to reflect the MPact 2025 System Goals, approved at the July 2020 Board of Regents meeting. The revised Progress Card measures were reviewed at the December 2020 Regents meeting and approved at the February 2021 meeting. Further information on these meetings is available at