Delong, Colin Director, UDIR [email protected]
Collins, Dana Executive Office and
Administrative Specialist
[email protected]
Erickson, Kendrick Senior Developer [email protected]
Ford, Jessica Analyst [email protected]
Galliger, Andrea Analyst [email protected]
Gillard, Steve Analyst [email protected]
Hachey, Valera Analyst [email protected]
Hoch, Daniel Developer [email protected]
Horner, Olena Analyst [email protected]
Huesman Jr, Ronald Senior Analyst [email protected]
Jones-White, Daniel Senior Analyst [email protected]
Kellogg, John Analyst [email protected]
Kil, Mike Analyst [email protected]
Maloney, Matthew Developer [email protected]
Orellana, Gerardo Developer [email protected]
Perrino, Eric Senior Developer [email protected]
Pesch, Adam Data Engineer [email protected]
Pfannenstein, Brian Analyst [email protected]
Tarabuhin, Serghei Business Systems Analyst [email protected]
Utke, Robert Analyst and Project Manager [email protected]
Wilson, William Analytics Manager [email protected]