University Data & Institutional Reporting (UDIR)

[email protected]
Colin DeLong, Director, [email protected]

Data & Reporting
Gillard, Steve Manager, Analyst (HR & Student Finance data), UMN representative to AAUDE [email protected]
Galliger, Andrea Analyst (Compliance reporting) [email protected]
Hachey, Valera Analyst (Student data) [email protected]
Kil, Mike Analyst (EOAA & HR data) [email protected]
Ford, Jessica Analyst (Public data requests, U-SAT, Student data) [email protected]
Collegiate & Departmental Analytics
Wilson, William Manager, Analyst [email protected]
Pfannenstein, Brian Analyst [email protected]
Application Development & Infrastructure Management
Erickson, Kendrick Senior Developer, Technical lead (Orientation & Pre-Enrollment, Schedule Builder) [email protected]
Hoch, Daniel Developer (Orientation & Pre-Enrollment, Student Systems) [email protected]
Klein, Erika Developer (APLUS) [email protected]
Maloney, Matthew Developer (Orientation & Pre-Enrollment) [email protected]
Tarabuhin, Serghei Business / Systems Analyst [email protected]
Perrino, Eric Senior Developer, Technical lead (APLUS, IDR Secured) [email protected]
Orellana, Gerardo Developer (APLUS) [email protected]
Pesch, Adam Data Engineer [email protected]

Enterprise Data Management & Reporting (EDMR)

[email protected]
Amy Schult, Director & AAUDE Administrative Host Liaison, [email protected]

Data Governance & Data Literacy
Nichols, Jim Enterprise Data Analyst [email protected]
Sobek, Christian Data Governance Coordinator [email protected]
Wallace, Elysia Data Community & Data Literacy Program Lead [email protected]
Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE)
[email protected]
Collins, Dana AAUDE/EDMR Executive Office and Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Snover, Lydia AAUDE Data Projects Coordinator [email protected]
Utke, Robert AAUDE Coordinator [email protected]

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium

[email protected]

Jones-White, Daniel SERU North America Managing Director [email protected]

Policy, Research, and Assessment

Huesman Jr, Ronald Senior Analyst [email protected]
Horner, Olena Analyst [email protected]