Student Outcomes

Learn more about outcomes for students including year-to-year retention rates during their University experience, graduation rates, degrees and certificates awarded, and experiences once they graduate. 

Outcomes for graduates analyze alumni experiences both immediately after graduation through the Post Graduation Survey and for years following graduation through the Postcollegiate Outcomes Project, which follows graduates through employment and further education a decade and beyond after graduation.

Graduation/Retention Report Thumbnail

New Freshman/Transfer Student Retention and Graduation Rates
Retention/graduation data from 2002 forward in ranges from one to ten years.

Degrees and Certificates Awarded Report Thumbnail

Degrees and Certificates Awarded
All award types since 2002-03 by campus, college, major, and Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code.

Post Graduation Survey Report Thumbnail

Post Graduation Survey
Summary data from surveys administered to UMN undergraduates earning baccalaureate degrees from 2015 onward.

Postcollegiate Outcomes Project Thumbnail

Postcollegiate Outcomes Project
Longitudinal data on UMN graduates’ pathways through career and further education.