Performance Metrics

The University of Minnesota publishes annual reports that detail how the institution is performing on a variety of metrics. These reports have a system-wide focus and are used widely as key performance indicators for the institution overall.

University Performance and Accountability Report
This annual report, published in December by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, is the principal annual documentation that demonstrates the University’s accountability on meeting mission-related goals. 

The President’s Impact Dashboard
A subset of the Accountability Report, the Impact Dashboard is published by the President’s Office and highlights key areas of the University’s impact with detailed supporting data and analysis.

Progress Card
A subset of the Accountability Report, the annual Progress Card highlights progress made on strategic priorities for the system identified by the President and Board of Regents.

MPact 2025 Systemwide Strategic Plan Annual Progress Update
The President’s MPact 2025 Systemwide Strategic Plan reflects the University’s commitment to research, teaching, and service, open access to opportunity, and forward-thinking innovation. The MPact 2025 Progress Update will be published annually alongside the Accountability Report.