UMN Data Governance

The University of Minnesota’s Data Governance Program is in place to achieve the full value of the University’s Enterprise Data for the community, from availability to access and sharing, and to ensure consistency in operational and analytical reporting.

The program is supported by the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) Steering Committee and the Data Governance Council, and is managed by the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting office.

EDMR Steering Committee

The EDMR Steering Committee has representatives across colleges, campuses, central data units, and institutional offices. It is responsible for implementing the University’s data guiding principles and advancing the EDMR goals of shared data, understanding, tools, and development by:

  • Addressing data management and reporting needs
  • Ensuring systemwide data integration and alignment
  • Endorsing consistent policies and practices
  • Guiding the work of the Data Governance Council

Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council builds confidence in the University’s information assets by establishing shared understanding through data quality, availability, and usability. The Data Governance Council is tasked by the EDMR Steering Committee to transform the value of information across operational and strategic initiatives by:

  • Formalizing data definitions to support decision-making
  • Promoting data as a valuable asset
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Collaborating to improve data confidence and accessibility