About IDR Data

The data used in Institutional Data and Research (IDR) reports and analyses come from a variety of internal and external sources and are used in accordance with various policies, procedures, and governance rules.

IDR Data Sources

IDR reports and dashboards may contain a combination of internal (UMN-owned) and external data, including data from peer institutions to provide transparency in comparisons for specific reporting areas.

Learn more about the IDR Data Sources, including external data source definitions and processes.

Data Governance Practices

UMN data that is generated or collected and utilized for planning, decision-making, and daily operations at the institutional level is known at the University of Minnesota as Enterprise Data. The University of Minnesota’s Data Governance Program is in place to achieve the full value of the University’s Enterprise Data to ensure consistency in operational and analytical reporting. As part of this effort, IDR reports and dashboards show data element definitions (when applicable) in the Glossary section of the dashboard page.

Learn more about the University’s Data Governance Program.

Data Aggregation

IDR reports and dashboards are published and made available to the public in compliance with data-related University policies and procedures and federal and state reporting requirements. The data is aggregated in order to protect sensitive, personally-identifiable information in compliance with regulations such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. To request detailed, non-aggregated data, submit a data request.