Student Rating of Teaching

The Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) program fulfills the University policy requiring that students have an opportunity to provide feedback about their learning experiences. Policy-mandated collection of student feedback has been in place since 1993.

Students are invited to complete SRT questionnaires for every course they are enrolled in to provide feedback about the course and each instructor. Standard forms are in place across the University of Minnesota, with Duluth’s version being different from the one in use at the remaining campuses. Some departments also include custom questions. 

SRT questionnaires include multiple-choice items on a Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree scale (e.g., “The instructor presented the subject matter clearly”) and open-ended items (e.g., “What did the instructor do that most helped your learning?”). Aggregate results of the course-related quantitative questions are published by Office of Measurement Services (OMS), program administrators for SRT. (Instructor-level results are considered private data under state law.) The published SRT reports include data from Twin Cities, Rochester, and Morris.

Further information and course-level results can be found here:

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