Enrollment by County, State, and Country

Student enrollment by county, state, and country by student level, college, and campus from 2001 forward.

Data Sources
  • University of Minnesota, Data Warehouse - Official enrollment snapshot tables (STIX), End of second week enrollment for fall and spring, end of term for summer

Report Update Cadence:

  • After the Fall (late September), Spring (early February), and Summer/May (August) census dates
  • Non-US citizens are displayed by the student’s citizenship country instead of home location.
  • The country map excludes students from the United States and the states map excludes students from Minnesota.

IPEDS definitions used in the “Peer Comparisons” dashboard are available in the IPEDS glossary

Academic term
A defined period of instruction that is a subunit of an academic year in a specific academic year. Examples: Fall 2021, Spring 2022 

Academic year
The annual period of instruction that includes fall, spring, and summer terms. It is set based on the calendar year in which fall term falls, i.e., the academic year 2015 goes from Fall 2015 through Summer 2016.

The University of Minnesota locations at Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, Twin Cities and the entities that report to them. 

A unit of the University of Minnesota, offering courses of instruction, usually leading to a degree, that furthers the University’s teaching, research, and outreach mission. 

Students enrolled in courses for credit who are seeking a degree, certificate, or other postsecondary credential.

A student’s academic workload for the term based on the units taken for academic progress. The threshold for the number of units varies by the student's academic career. For example, full-time status for undergraduates requires a minimum of 12 units per term while full-time status for graduate students requires a minimum of 6 units per term. 

Home location
Geographic grouping based on home address. Examples: TC Metro, Greater MN, Other US.

Registration status
A value indicating a student's registration context at the University in a given term. For example, if they are new, have transferred between UMN campuses or colleges, or have continued in their academic program.

Student level
A value combining the level of study for a student with their degree-seeking status.

A defined period of instruction that is a subunit of an academic year. Examples: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer Term. Note: Prior to Fall Semester 1999, the University of Minnesota operated on a quarter system (example Winter Quarter).

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